I'm happy to launch my Test of Time Sims 2 Challenge blog for my neighborhood "History." I wasn't very creative with the name because I wanted to start playing as soon as possible and couldn't think of anything else fast enough. I put much more effort into naming all of the characters.
     I'm currently in the Roman stage on with generation 3 marrying and having children, but I will try to share some of the highlights from the Neanderthal Era. I don't play in official timed "rounds" or categorize them as such, but I make sure I play all of the families equally. I'm following most of the rules, but I am adding a twist in the Roman era: I've made a few of the Roman/Greek gods and goddesses like Zeus/Jupiter, Hades/Pluto, Poseidon/Neptune and Aphrodite/Venus. I'm using Venus and her palace  to house some of the extra males in Generation 3 (there's a lot of them). The gods will father a few kids in the Roman Era, just for fun. Their first names are their Greek names, and their last names are their Roman names.
     The Emperor, Claudius Froder came from the Froder family since the Froder's amassed the most wealth in the Neanderthal era. 
     The founders in the Neanderthal Era originated in different locations but migrated to find mates for their children. I just felt like this being part of my story, though I know it is not historically accurate (lol, it was really the opposite that occurred).
     Here are the Neanderthal Founders:
Daktari and Jahia Doli
     (I'm pretty sure that's her name, but I can't find my notebook at the moment). The Doli's are the founders of the African Doli Tribe. They had many children but had only two sons to carry on their name, Paki and Allahr. Three of their daughters could not find find mates due to a shortage of boys in the 2nd generation, but gave birth to sons via affairs. One daughter died in a fire before she could have any children and the other two daughters married into the Raisa African family.

Raira and _____ Raisa
     (From now on, in this post the underscore means I can't remember their name). The Raisa's are another African family. They had even more children than the Doli's and only lost two sons in fights. Their grandchildren are many, just like the rest of the families. Raira made it to the Roman Era along with the Pushkins!

Abraham and Vova Pushkin
     The Pushkins have more caveman-like features than the other families. In the Roman Era their descendants became plebians and they both made it to the Roman era!

Fyoder and _____ Froder
     The Froders lived near the ocean up north and their eldest son's first child, Claudius Froder eventually became the first Emperor of History. (I did have the seasons set to summer all year round, I just wanted them in more clothing than the other families). Many of their children married into the Pushkin and Shezan families, with one daughter marrying a Raisa son.

Ezra and Ariana Shezan
     The Shezans lived in Mesopotamia and a portion of their descendants would eventually become the Egyptians in the Roman Era. Ezra was delivered a Genie's lamp and the Genie granted him wealth, which helped the Shezan's have almost as much wealth as the Froder's.Their first born son was quite the heart breaker, wooing many of the girls and fathering many 3rd generation children. Ezra and Ariana almost made it to the Roman Era and they both died happily at very old ages just a few days apart.


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