I got all of these from Modthesims.info. Please, press the Thank! button for the downloads to support all of these great creators! And most importantly, please read all of the downloading information before you download! If you still have questions you should check the comments section. Happy Simming!
Invisible Driveway & Extension
I found there are many of these on the website, but I picked this one because it had the extension and it had been downloaded the most times.


  As always,The Dark Project has plenty of wonderful old fashioned/Medieval items including this Gate Garage Door, which would look great in my Roman Palace.

Recolors of the Diving Board, Chinese Doors and more!
Yay! I'm so glad I found this diving board recolor! These are also in The Dark Project.


NPC Vehicle Horse & Carriage Default Recolors

There are some awesome old-timey defaults for all of the different NCP vehicles. The original is down below, but I'm using the recolors because I thought the white carriage school bus looked too upperclass to show up at all of my poor sims houses. haha. Each vehicle is different for the different workers. Yay! As a note, only download one of the sets as they both contain meshes and one will conflict with the other since they're defaults. IMPORTANT NOTE: YOU NEED THE HORSE MESH DOWN BELOW FOR THE VEHICLES TO WORK CORRECTLY!

Here are the original one's by Hexameter. Here's the link for the school bus and gardener, but you can find the other's by looking on the "Related" tab.


Custom Horse Sounds for the Carriages
You can download these sounds regardless of which carriages you download since they override the regular vehicle sounds. But you can still use the carriages even if you don't want to download the sounds. http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=121761

Brown & Other Recolors of the Traditional School Bus
If you want to make the school bus look less obviously modern, but not download the other vehicles you can get this brown default recolor (as well as other colors if you want them, but just download one).

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