I've been searching for an answer for about a month now but can't find one specific to my problem. I have a lot of recolors like paintings, the easel, piano, instruments, etc, that aren't showing up in the catalog anymore. However, the recolored objects already placed in house are still there in their recolored form. I just can't buy them recolored again if I tried. Nothing changed in my game, I've had CEP all along and I'm pretty sure it's updated since the last release came out years ago.
   The only results that come up when I search for an answer are things I already have or have tried (the typical stuff). Custom meshes for objects are showing up just fine and recolors for custom meshes are fine, too. It's only Maxis recolors that aren't showing anymore. But custom bed spreads do show.
I'm at a loss as to how to fix it, so I thought it was worth a try to ask you all about. I miss my recolors!

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