Throughout the day I have varying levels of motivation. It's so inconsistent and is influenced by so many variables: random stresses of the day, when was the last time I ate, where I am in my cycle, how much sleep I got the night before, how focused I am, and how depressed I feel.

   But then there's my overall level of motivation over the course of a week or two....or three.......or six...lollololol. No but seriously, my motivation just got up and left a few weeks ago. Nothing substantial has changed, but my motivation has. Sure, I'm dealing with the Physiology professor from HELL that makes me feel like I'm back in high school, but if anything that should keep me motivated not to "screw up" and have her on my case, right? (I can't believe I have a professor like this, this late in the game...She treats us all like we're failing whether we are or not and wants an explanation for any short coming...but then tells us she doesn't need to hear our personal business.......really?)
  I've been working on a post full of memes expressing my feelings during class. I'll share it as soon as I'm done.

   But anyways.... How do youget out of your 'no motivation rut?'

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