In my Health & Fitness blog, I talked about how an inner transformation has to take place as well as changing your body if you want to maintain your weight for life. It occurred to me that an inner transformation is crucial in ADHD management throughout your life. 
   I wasn't diagnosed with ADD until about a year ago when I was 20. I've never seen myself as someone who had it, but instead as someone with quirks like being the friend who's late all the time and sometimes being humorously spacey, and forgetful. But in the past few years I began to feel really bad about my worsening symptoms (or who I thought I was at the time) and they really started to interfere with my life. 
   Now that I've been diagnosed, I'm realizing that I don't have to be this way as long as I'm diligent in keeping up with symptom management (as hard as that may be).

   In order for me to be really motivated to manage my symptoms, an inner transformation regarding how I see myself and my abilities has to occur. Just like someone has to imagine who they want to be and making changes they can live with for life if they want to be truly successful in weight loss and weight management, I have to make daily changes that I can live with and picture how these changes can mold my own abilities.
   Managing symptoms of ADHD includes so many factors and changing habits can be really difficult! Exercise and proper nutrition really do improve cognitive abilities including executive functioning. For me, wanting a healthy weight and lifestyle goes hand in hand with this one, but I still have to continuously work on my motivation and discipline; changes I must make on the inside.

   Then, changing my other daily habits pertaining to studying, organization, time management, taking medication, etc. also have to begin on the inside, or else I won't be motivated for them to stick. Motivation can be difficult when you have ADHD and other comorbid conditions like depression or anxiety, so a greater motivation has to exist to help push you along into actual change! As a side note, I am definitely not saying that those having a hard time coping with their symptoms are in any way lazy or deadbeats. I had to add this because I've encountered people I know and have read certain articles that are inclined to think so stemming from ignorance.
   Then there are hard decisions to make about your life like:  What do I think I'm realistically capable of? Am I limiting my goals too much? And a big one: Do you tell people that you have ADHD? All of these are personal decisions that though you can seek support from other sources, ultimately have to be made by you. None of us are the same or have the same severity of symptoms so treatment methods vary. But inner change has to take place to transform yourself and your life, allowing you to take control of your symptoms.
   Here was a great Halloween themed article/blog post about ADHD symptoms. And as I've mentioned before, is a great resource for information and management tips. 

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