I started the Prep Schedule for the Turbo Fire program today. If I had started this back when I was working out almost every day I wouldn't even need the prep class, but alas, I am out of shape at the moment.
    A reminder about snacking to you all and for myself: Don't forget to eat healthy snacks, especially when working out. Right after my workout, I was working on my before stats at beachbody.com for the program and I should have gone to eat a snack first because I got a massive headache! Now I'm eating a salad with apple, romaine lettuce and raspberry vinaigrette. 
    I am not a big salad eater usually, but recently I've been in the mood for them (like a chili, southwestern salad or salad with apples). I am not one of those dieters that thinks you have to eat salad all of the time to lose weight. In fact, forcing yourself to eat salad all of the time can make you feel deprived. In fact, many salads do not have enough or have too many calories either because of the portion or the ingredients (like many of Chili's and other restaurant salads). 
    Vegetables can be served in many different ways, so don't feel obligated to eat salads. Just keep your calorie count down to lose weight. And in order to have  healthy body eat more whole grains, less saturated fat and a variety of fruits and vegetables.

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