Two years ago I started my weight loss journey and lost 50 pounds in 8 months. I did it the hard way with exercise and a reduced calorie diet. I learned a lot along the way and I'm confident about my life regarding weight maintenance. 
   However, I kind of fell of the wagon this past year, first starting with freshman weight gain and then I just stopped completely following all my good my good habits. I still know how to get results, I just haven't been motivated as much a I have been in the past. It's embarrasing gaining some of my weight back, but I'm not worried about it in the long run because I know I can do it and am determined to hold a healthy weight through out my life.
    So, this time around I decided that I'm going to use one of those fitness programs out there so that I don't really have to think about what exercise to do every day. I chose Turbo Fire and I can't wait to get it in the mail from Amazon! I'll also be swimming and lifting 5 pound weights as needed and when I feel like it. I'll let you know about my progress along the way.