So, last night's hair setting didn't work out as well as the last time. This time I obviously hadn't slept long enough for all of the sock curls to dry, and even after using a hair dryer on them, they still were more straight than I needed. The pin-curls were completely dry, but the method I used to style them did not turn out as expected.
Lol, it wasn't that bad.
   Basically, I wasn't creating an exact finger wave look, but I was doing something similar in order to incorporate my bangs into the whole look and to create soft curls/waves. Unfortunately, when I brushed the curls I was not able to tame down the frizziness like these two lovely ladies did. I'll definately try doing it again though.

   I think it was either that I didn't use the right type of product along with my hair being damp or that I didn't spend enough time brushing them into shape. 


   So, I ended up puting my hair in a side pony tail, but then the hair that had been sock-curled was practically straight along side the pin-curls. I took that out and used my handy-dandy much loved hairigami to make a bun.

The nice thing about the way my hair was, was the amount of volume it added to my bun. This isn't a very good picture of it, but my camera died before I could take another.

Off, I went to school.