I love cinnamon in oatmeal, in deserts, in ethnic foods, and... in my coffee! Just a dash adds a whole new flavor to your brew. Most of the time I add it when I buy a cup at coffee shops but you can add it at any time.

   Why should you consider adding a dash of cinnamon to your cup' o jo? Cinnamon has some great health benefits. Cinnamon lowers blood sugar which contributes to overall balanced blood sugar levels. This in turn regulates your appetite because when you have spikes/dips in blood sugar your appetite spikes as well!

   Added to balanced caloric nutrition over the course of a day will reduce your cravings and your appetite for too much food in one sitting. Cinnamon also slows down the amount of time food passes from your stomach into your small intestines, increasing the amount of time you feel satisfied.

   Cinnamon also:
- improves in brain function
- prevents & treats diarrhea in conjunction with other ingredients
- increases alertness
- reduces your risk for yeast infections
- relieves some arthritis pain
- can reduce ulcers
- can prevent type II diabetes (along with other measures)
- is a natural anti-bacterial (in food & your body)
- is a natural anti-coagulant
- is one of the many spices that can prevent cancer
- may inhibit growth of cancer cells
- contains important minerals such as iron and magnesium