As promised, here are photos of Winnie's sweater. It's the first dog sweater I've made and it turned out pretty good considering that it was a custom made sweater! The link for the directions I used are down below in a previous post.


The a V-shape on the bottom of the sweater progressively gets wider for better motion and it prevents any wee-wee from getting on it when we take her out. On the next one I make I'm going make the V-shape start later though. Brennan thinks there should be more sweater on her belly and I think I agree.


   Once we get it on her she doesn't mind it at all acts normally. Now I won't feel so bad when its freezing outside when we take her out! It doesn't get this cold that often in Florida, but since Winnie's older and may have a little arthritis I thought it would be a good idea to make her a sweater. Plus, it looks so cute (reason enough!).

  Also, she likes to bury herself inside blankets when sleeping, so I'm sure this will keep her snugly while reducing the amount of blankets she commandeers and dirties up! 

   The yarn I used came from Brennan's great grandmother's stash that I acquired when we were clearing her room after she passed. It's acrylic and was already highly felted in the skeins. The label was very old and the price on it said something like 25 cents! 
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