I finished one of the optional accessories
   My newest project is this small child's sunhat. I just have to do the finishing touches. I'm thinking in addition to making a colorful ribbon to tie around it, I'm also going to make other optional accessories like flowers.
   After this one, I'm going to make more in child and adult sizes. I have a "collection" in mind, but I won't reveal the specifics until later! 
   Stay tuned and happy crocheting!
   I live in SW Gainesville, FL and if you, a friend, or a group needs crochet lessons I'd love to teach you! I can teach the basics all the way up to intermediate-advanced crochet projects. I'll work with you to create projects, improve techniques, learn how to navigate the online world of crochet if you don't know where to look and help you design your own crochet work. 
  Prices are very negotiable but I'm looking to be compensated $6-9 an hour. I'm currently unemployed and in need of income, so I'd love to share my passion for crochet via lessons!
  Send me an e-mail at lizz2034@gmail.com to set things up!
   I now have my own online store for my crocheted items. I'm so excited to finally have my own website apart from Facebook for this kind of stuff!
   You can find it by hovering your mouse over "Crochet by Lizz" in the menu to the left and clicking the fold out panel.
    I moved into my apartment a few months ago and have only recently started crocheting again. My crochet stuff is all in one place in a cabinet but it's not as organized a I'd like it to be. I have two cats that love to mess with stuff lying around so when I'm working on a project I need a place to put it. When I first moved in I thought of putting current projects in the section of my cabinet with a drop down door, but currently it has half of my yarn stash!
   I'd like to hear all of your tips for organizing craft supplies in small spaces. Let's take this conversation into the forum.
    I've never made a doily before, and for the most part I'm not interested in making them a lot, because of how long they take and their not something I would need or want all over my home.
   But I am interested in making doily's and lace table cloths that have breathtaking color schemes.
   Thread painting uses more than one threads at a time, switching individual threads after a number of rows to create a gradually changing color effect. I'm using 4 strands of thread (sewing & similar sized thread) with an E hook for a pattern in a book. I'm using a slightly larger hook than the traditional itsy-biztsy steel hooks, in order to leave larger holes and for the piece to be larger for my coffee table. I'll post a picture of it soon.
   Here's a thread painting example:

    Hey, you all, if you haven't seen allfreecrochet.com's new yarn give-a-ways you should go enter them to win some awesome yarn! One is for Vickie Howell's Sheep(ish) Magenta(ish) yarn and you can find it at http://www.allfreecrochet.com/sweeps/Magenta-ish-Stitch-Rock-Love-Sheep-ish-Vickie-Howell-Yarn-Giveaway And the second is for Handspun Darn Good Yarn and Felt Balls, which is free trade yarn! The link for that one is http://www.allfreecrochet.com/sweeps/Handspun-Darn-Good-Yarn-and-Felt-Balls-Giveaway. You can get extra entries by sharing it on Facebook and tweeting it on Twitter. Plus, you can enter every day!
    I haven't crocheted for at least a month. I don't like it but I just haven't been very motivated recently and with moving and all, I haven't really organized my crochet stuff like I had planned.
    I'm going to get back into it soon, but I've been dealing with school, other activities and a recent car accident. I'm also working on my time management skills....always a work in progress for me.
    I've got a few things should be working on and I'll get pictures up when I finish them.
    Over the summer I started a granny square project which will cover my full bed in my apartment. All the squares are 10 inches and the borders are dark brown. The blanket contains mostly neutral colors with accent colors for most of the squares.
   A portion of the squares contain symbolism for the things that are important to my boyfriend of 5 years and counting and I and other things in our lives, such as our heritage, beliefs, values and interests.
   I'll post pictures of the squares when I get around to it. The pictures are already on my Facebook in the Stuff album.

   This hat is my own original pattern. The flower was the first flower I ever designed.
   My aunt bought this hat and gave it to my cousin's girlfriend.