Over the summer I started a granny square project which will cover my full bed in my apartment. All the squares are 10 inches and the borders are dark brown. The blanket contains mostly neutral colors with accent colors for most of the squares.
   A portion of the squares contain symbolism for the things that are important to my boyfriend of 5 years and counting and I and other things in our lives, such as our heritage, beliefs, values and interests.
   I'll post pictures of the squares when I get around to it. The pictures are already on my Facebook in the Stuff album.

   This hat is my own original pattern. The flower was the first flower I ever designed.
   My aunt bought this hat and gave it to my cousin's girlfriend.

  I made this blanket for Brennan's little cousin for Christmas a few years ago. It was big enough to be a big blanket for a five - ten year old.

    A wonderful photographer I know from my old elementary school, St. Andrews, has order some baby hats from me. I'm really enjoying making these for her to used in her photography and I'm excited to see the end results. I'll post what I'm working on in the next few days.
   You should check her website out! http://www.lisamccormackphotography.com/Galleries/Babies-Children/Portfolio/7467633_KKLxrJ#656721713_cTG5P
   I making Higgins the Pug with the same body shape of the "Fat Mouse" amigurumi, but a littler bigger. I still have to attach his left ear and I'm most likely going to make legs and a tail.

    The "Fat Mouse" Amigurumi tutorial was my first crochet tutorial on Youtube. The cool thing about the body of the mouse (and other amigurumi type bodies) is you can add different types of animal part to create all different types of "Fat" animals! 
    If you make a "Fat mouse" or any other animals from my pattern, please share! I'd love to see them!. You can post a video response to my video on youtube or e-mail me a picture and I can share it with everyone here.

   I followed Michael Sellick's tutorial for this star blanket I gave to my boyfriend Brennan for Christmas in 2009. I made it in one of our favorite colors, red.


 I used the base stitch from Michael Sellick's "Jumbo Pinwheel" Blanket to form this infant dress. I created the yoke of the dress from Teresa Richardson's "Solomon's Knot Dress" tutorial on Youtube. You can find both of these great crochet instructors on Youtube. I learned a lot of tips from them and it's so much easier learning from someone on video than trying to read instructions in a book.


  Jordan's Hat was the first custom request I ever made. He was really happy with the results and he shared these awesome pictures.

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